Customizable business solutions designed to enhance your practice's performance

In a changing healthcare landscape, maintaining or increasing revenue while providing high-quality care can be a challenge. Innovative Practice ServicesSM is here to help. With extensive experience in community-based practices, Innovative Practice Services is a team of professional advisors focused on the core business processes and functions that drive strong financial and operational performance.  The result is increased reimbursement and enhanced payer relationships, more accurate billing and coding, improved operational efficiency, and an optimized revenue cycle.

Areas of Expertise
The Innovative Practice Services team provides comprehensive consulting and analytics tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice in the following areas:

Revenue Cycle Management

Understanding your practice’s revenue cycle is key for continued growth. Innovative Practice Services can assess your collection processes and provide best practices in the following areas:

  • Payer and patient collections optimization
  • Financial counseling and patient assistance programs
  • Analytics, reporting and benchmarking
  • Documented best practices, standard operating procedures and job descriptions
Managed Care & Value-Based Reimbursement

When was the last time your practice received or negotiated a fee schedule increase? Our advisors offer expertise in payer contracting and reimbursement, including:

  • Payer analytics
  • Negotiation support, including analysis of payer counter offers
  • Value-based care reimbursement strategies
  • Building a unique and compelling value proposition
  • Protective contract language
Billing & Coding Audits

With changing requirements and the shift to ICD-10, it is more important than ever before that all the right charges are captured, documented and billed to ensure your practice is compensated for the services it provides. Innovative Practice Services offers:

  • Charge capture audits
  • E/M chart reviews
  • Contract variance analysis
  • ICD-10 documentation reviews

Customized education can strengthen your staff’s understanding of best practices and increase efficiency. Our advisors will start by identifying operational gaps and delivering focused education to:

  • Improve documentation and reduce audit risk
  • Decrease denials and manage appeals
  • Improve accuracy and productivity

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